When asked recently by his young son, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, a well-known sportsman in his 30s got a reality check. All along he had always dreamed about representing his country in his given sporting code but this innocent question from his child caused him to take a more serious look at what life has to offer a professional sportsperson post-retirement.

Now for many of us, retirement is something that occurs when we hit a ripe old age of 65, when we gather up all of our savings and look for a quiet space to observe our grandchildren growing up, and be the wise old owl offering advice to our children and their offspring. Not so for sportsmen and women. They may retire from professional sport as early as their late 20s, suddenly needing their hard-earned cash to work for a lot longer than the next few decades. Most of them will have one passion, their given sporting code, and have absolutely no idea where to turn next.

It is now, and even prior to this, that they need someone to lean on. Often this will be friends, parents or friends of parents but by now their agent will be out the door, having taken their fee and seeing no more use in their “client”.

This is where we are trying to change the industry. Throughout the sportsperson’s playing career, we will be there to offer advice and make sure that the funds earned are invested wisely and made to work our client. We will identify industries that may be the next transition and shore up the nest egg for a family to be looked after. Solid business investment advice will be on hand to make sure that so-called friends don’t steer investments into empty holes. We will service the client for life and make sure that all bases are covered throughout. We won’t be there to tell you what to do but rather to help create a financially empowered young person who knows what to spend on when.

Managing the Wealth of Talent quite obviously has two meanings but both of which encompass our business ethos. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you