Advisory Business – Managing the Wealth of Talent

Why our Advisory offering exists:

For years, athletes and sports practitioners have had their finances drained during their careers by unnecessary fees, commissions and investments, only to be left to deal with the aftermath on their own.

  • Agents have created an industry that unfortunately has a negative stigma attached to it
  • Often young and impressionable athletes have been drawn into thinking they MUST pay an agent a commission in order to get the best contracts and placements
  • Due to this commission-based nature of the industry, athletes can easily be misled into committing to the next best offer without thoroughly taking into consideration their individual personality, their needs, their family and future plans
  • Currently, most athletes are left to deal with the transition out of a sporting career into the working environment on their own, without mentorship and with an almost immediate shortfall of funds
  • We want to change this. By assisting our clients in empowering them to make their own, well-advised life planning and financial decisions, we want to make sure they are well-equipped for life after sport
  • We are incentivised by the wealth creation of our client base, using sport as a platform during early, formative, years to create a network and establish a foundation.

The Four Pillars of our Advisory offering

  • Financial life planning – Chartered Wealth
  • Career guidance and upskilling – The Final Whistle and GetSmarter
  • Mentorship and mental wellbeing – Per4m
  • Contract negotiation and endorsement acquisition


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