Welcome to The Sport Exchange

With over 30 years' combined experience in the sports and sports business industries, we have established solutions which address the recurring challenges that sports professionals face during their careers.

The essence of the challenges currently at hand is that athletes and sports practitioners are not being serviced in a holistic way that allows them the peace of mind off the field to focus on their primary jobs and passions.

For years sportsmen, sportswomen and sports practitioners have had their finances drained during their careers by unnecessary fees, commissions and investments, only to be left to deal with the aftermath on their own.

Our Services available to our clients include advisory, legal, wealth management, mentorship, retirement, career development and recruitment. Our model is significantly different from a traditional offering. The most important point to note is that we will be with you for the long term, actively participating in your second innings once your playing or coaching career has come to an end.

Our motto - "Managing the Wealth of Talent" - goes a long way to describe exactly what we will do for our clients. The livelihood and ongoing welfare of you and your family is of the utmost importance to us and your best interests will always be our first priority.

Yours in sport,

Kyle and Merve


  • Financial Life Planning
  • Tax 
  • Legal
  • Post-retirement and Career
  • Media Training
  • Mentorship
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  • Sports teams
  • Sports management
  • Corporate team development
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  • Recruitment services for clubs and sports organisations
  • Services offered to sportsmen, sportswomen and sports practitioners
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